...and then you’re dead!
  • Synopsis

    A stimulating motivational handbook ...and then you're dead! is a must-read for booklovers looking for tips on life improvement or simply an indispensable pick-me-up.
    Written in an effortless, conversational style, this book speaks directly to the reader. Without lecturing, it provides just the inspiration needed to make life more rewarding.
    Split into 47 succinct chapters, the book explores different ways on how to improve the quality of your life. With concise and direct advice, ...and then you're dead! aims to stimulate, inspire and encourage people to stop existing and start living.
  • Taking the reader through the key areas of life, each chapter delivers straightforward guidance mixed with personal anecdotes, creating a friendly and engaging style. Featuring punchy quotes throughout the book to keep the reader inspired and encouraged to stay positive, each chapter begins with direct advice such as, "Never allow your mind and body to retire - keep that engine running at all times" or "Reduce the amount of oil that goes into your body" to create effective messages which the reader can take away with them.

    The opening chapter - Two Categories of People - invites the reader to take a self-reflective look at themselves in order to determine which group of individuals they associate with most.
  • The chapter encourages the reader to think about their lives in the most general sense, laying the foundation to delve deeper in subsequent chapters including: No More Excuses, Do You Know Your Weaknesses? and Look Forward To One Thing Each Day...

    Essentially taking the reader on a journey through various aspects of life which they can make positive changes to, the book concludes with the concept of The Orchard of Life. The orchard is the author's vision of a physical representation of the different aspects of life through trees which feature inspirational and advice-giving quotes from famous names in history.

  • Key Lessons

    The 70% Rule
    Look Forward To One Thing Each Day
    The 14 Year Life Certificate
    3 Faces
    Box Clever

  • The 70% Rule

    My 'once in a blue moon' philosophy, based on the belief that most people tend to be really happy or excited once in a blue moon, and the rest of the time they are void of any excitement in their lives. Learn to find ways to switch this around and work towards being numb or neutral once in a blue moon. (Read More...)
  • Look Forward To One Thing Each Day

    Rather than waiting for one great thing to happen in the way off distant future and losing heart and hope waiting for it to happen, I believe that you can create smaller moments or 'pockets' of joy to make each day a more positive one. (Read More...)

  • The 14 Year Life Certificate

    This is not just a chance for reflection, but a chance to shift direction. Looking back at the last 14 years of your life – in terms of relationships, health, finances and most importantly your happiness – would you say that the last 14 years have been improving – flat lined – or actually gone downhill? (Read More...)

  • 3 Faces

    I believe that we all have three faces – the one we show to the outside world (although this changes slightly based on your relationships); the one we show ourselves – possibly a slightly more honest one; and the third is the real you. Are your three faces aligned to show the 'real you'? (Read More...)
  • Box Clever

    There are two types of people in life – those that use their energy bustling around, creating a lot of noise to achieve what they want and those that conserve energy, are thoughtful and considered in their approach, using their energy tactically to achieve their objective. Which one are you? (Read More...)